It comes with the t(air)ritory

This week’s blog title (because you knowww I’m am no longer self sufficient in coming up with titles myself) was influenced by Mattie with two T’s. I was walking through Cork and exclaimed that this was “MY —-AIRITORY”–which resulted in confused looks and a couple laughs. I happened to mix the words “area” and “territory” together which resulted in a slightly ironic rendition of the both. For which Mattie exclaims…”ha, ha, ha, there is your new blog Air!” So thanks Mattie. I needed the help this week!

But of course, luck was on my side (I’m convinced that I have acquired some Irish luck from being abroad for so long), and this title came to Me/Mattie at the correct time, and certainly applies to this week.

This was my first FULL WEEK back in IRELAND since hopping around Europe for spring break. It was also my first FULL WEEK of school that felt like real school in probably forever. I have never spent so many hours in the UCC library walking up and down the stacks searching for books and research articles. I can confidently say that I can find any book in the library if you put me to it. I can also sadly report that you can only check out SIX BOOKS at one time. SIX BOOKS PEOPLE!! How am I supposed to complete 3 research papers with a six book max?…I exclaim to my fellow classmates who give me weird looks and ask why in the world I would need more than six books in the first place…Call me old fashioned I guess!

Anyways, I slaved away in the library and stayed up late and ALSO figured out that my homestay family does indeed own a French Press, (Which I have no idea why it took me this long to figure out), so I have been drinking nicely pressed coffee every morning and have been able to keep my Euros in my pocket for once (I spend way too much money on coffee…). Oh well, it comes with the territory right???

So yes, I can confidently say 2,500 words later that I did manage to finish one of my essays! Wahoo! If you need to know if Irish Traditional Music and the Blues are valid representations of identity, I’m your woman! It only took virtually ALL semester, since we received the essay prompt about half way through…whoops. Anyways it is done and I submitted it and it only counts for literally ALL OF MY GRADE so yeah no big deal hahahahaaaaaaaa *cries

In the meantime, my friend Ben double-Wu came to visit the great city of Cork for a week! I had to show him MY t’air’ritory after he showed me England the past week. Which of course meant enjoying some alcoholic beverages **RESPONSIBLY with friends and enjoying a good night out.

(Which of course to me meant long hugs from my favorite Swedish boys and splitting a Happy Meal with Anthony at McDonald’s.)

The next day we (relunctantly) dragged ourselves out of bed enough to get on a bus and go to my favorite little town in Ireland, Kinsale. I have been here once before (see Blog post: Truth or Dair), but this time the universe decided to trick Ben into thinking Ireland never rains, and we had blue skies and dry sidewalks for dayzzzz. It was so beautiful despite the chilly weather. We walked around and my muse Hannah allowed me try out my camera on her 🙂


We ended the day by eating at a slightly too-posh (and slightly more too-expensive) restaurant that may or may not have been worth the bucks. But the food was actually quite great, and I hadn’t eaten a hamburger in such a long time!

This then brings us to today, which is a day full of me slaving over my computer screen typing typing typing away on how the Western worldview is different from the Amish one. Annnnnd 2,500 words later I finished another one that roughly counts for ALL OF MY GRADE yahhhh *cries.

Luckily the weather was absolutely awful today, and therefore I had no reason to go outside, other than a 5 minute jaunt down the road to church which did indeed result in me being completely soaked from head to toe. Oh well, it comes with the territory..


So if you can believe it, I will be back in the states in exactly 1 month. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. I can’t believe how many friends I have made. I can’t believe how much it has rained.

Since I have realized how little time I have left, I have been thinking about some uniquely ‘Irish’ things that I am going to miss (or not miss?) once I get home.

*Irish coffee-not the kind you are thinking of with the alcohol involved. I’m talking about getting a latte at every single coffee shop in Cork just’ because’. Boy am I going to miss trying out the new places, searching for the best cappuccino, and the brilliant moment when I figured out that I could finally make coffee AT HOME. (Side note: I do miss plain old brewed coffee. It’s not a thing here.)

*CHEESE ONION FLAVORED EVERYTHING. Oh my goodness, I can’t even believe I am saying this but I am. Basically this is the flavor of the nation, and I have grown to love it more than anything. Oh my I will miss my TAYTOS!!

*”Thanks a million”-the Irish kindness and generosity will be something that I will forever miss. Them asking me “You ok?” when taking an order maybe not quiiite as much. (Still catches me off guard…YES I’M OKAY!! and yes i’d like a latte)

*Irish Trad (no explanation needed)

*The 10 Euro pint and pizza deal at Rising Sons Brewery UG SO GOOD

*The clothing, the shoes, the clothing, the clothing….the shoes

*My friends

UG I better stop there or I will get too sentimental. I have a couple more weeks to think about how I am going to manage to say goodbye to these fantastic people that I have met here. They have been my favorite part of the study abroad experience so far. I just don’t like that I eventually have to actually like, LEAVE, this place.

Oh well, I guess it just comes with the territory!

(p.s. guess one thing that I won’t miss?)

((It rhymes with RAIN))



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