Walking on {Air}

Soooo the last 72 hours have me literally walking on air, because I have been to two cities, two countries, seen my favorite band play live for the SECOND time, and witnessed the great architectural masterpiece of la sagrada familia. So if you ever had a question as to why my blog was a leeetle late this week…well there you go!

Preview of the AMAZING stained glass windows

Anyways…please bear with me while I recap the last week, which also happens to be my final week of classes at UCC 4ever! 😥

So since it was my last week at UCC that also meant that I had 2 exams, 2 essays, 2 performances, and a final presentation. For some reason in Ireland, there is not that much continuous assessment, which means that all of the essays and finals make up your entire grade. But luckily for me, it means that I am done with each class as soon as I finish the corresponding essay for the class. Which in other words means I’M DONE WITH 3/5 MY CLASSES WAHOO!

I was certainly happy to be done with classes, but for some it was bittersweet, saying “Have a nice life!” to my fellow classmates knowing that I truly would probably never see them again. Even in my folk healing class, our teacher gave us little vials of lavender that were supposed to help with stress. It’s the little things!

Anyways, I worked away the entire week so that I could be done and well prepared to have the best upcoming week EVER, because while it is now “Review Week” I have no reviewing to do, so what option did have but to hop on a plane and head to B A R C E L O N A!

Soo on Sunday I woke up at the bright hour of 7:00 am to catch an 8am bus to Dublin where my flight would be departing the next day. But of course, I couldn’t waste an entire day in Dublin. So Angeline and I spent the couple hours that we had walking around and doing the few touristy things we could pack in during such a short amount of time. We visited Trinity College (which is where I did a bit of questioning on my college choice because of the sheer BEAUTY of the campus), followed by a nice time spent at the Guinness Storehouse; a MUST if in Dublin.

The night ended with a life-changing concert by one of my favorite bands, the Lumineers. It was the second time that I saw them in concert, and completely worth the 3 year wait!

They teach you to kind of hate Dublin if you are in Cork, but I really enjoyed the city! There is so much to do, I wish that I had about 4 days there to check out the pubs and the shops and explore the city more. Oh well, I’ll go again 🙂

So we ended the night as soon as the concert got over and headed back to our super cool hostel, Isaac’s Hostel. I would recommend if in Dublin and looking for an affordable place to stay! The next morning I woke up at 4:00am (Not sure why I do this to myself), and headed to the airport for my 6:30 flight.

I rode an “airport shuttle” that the hostel had a deal with, which quite possibly was the most sketchy thing I have ever been apart of, but hey, it got me to the airport! The only downside was being squished in a 1980s van and being dropped off at the opposite terminal. Which meant that I had to run to the other side of the airport, run through security, only to find out that my gate was actually on the OTHER SIDE of the airport (the original side that I was dropped off). So out of breath, I make it to my gate, with plenty of time to spare, and I share with my travel companion, Anthony, my stressful past 20 minutes.

Then, before I knew it, I was on a nice AERLINGUS flight to Barcelona. Oh my goodness, was I living the luxurious life. Aerlingus was worlds away from my previous RyanAir flights, and from beginning to end, the flight was an amazing experience.

We arrived in Barcelona just before 10am, made it through security and managed to hop on the correct bus into the city. From there I followed my airbnb host’s excellent directions to her apartment and wallah we were there! No crazy taxi drivers, no yelling men, no transportation failures. We are staying with a young couple just outside the city center, and our hosts and the flat are wonderful so far.

Since we arrived so soon, we decided to go get some lunch and groceries before attempting to take the metro for the first time to make it in time for our Park Güell tour. Believe it or not, we managed, but only after receiving faulty directions from our host about the correct metro line to take to get there. Luckily, we figured it out eventually, and before we knew we were riding escalators up the middle of the street and hiking up hills to make it to the top of Park Güell. The views were the first we got of Barcelona, and it was absolutely amazing. You can bet I was reliving the Cheetah Girls scenes as well…

After that, my body and feet were aching for a rest so we decided to head back to our airbnb. After that, we chatted with our hosts some more, made some dinner, and called it an early night, considering my body literally stopped functioning because of the lack of sleep.

The next day, we woke up at 8am to try and make it to our special date with a very important church…

La sagrada familia

The moment I stepped off the subway and turned my head around to see this breathtaking church, I literally got tears in my eyes. It was absolutely spectacular. I had watched documentaries and seen photos, but to see it in real life, that was something else. I stood in awe for 10 minutes time just admiring the unimaginable. Our visit was at 10:15, so we had a bit of time to look around the whole church before going inside. However, once we went inside, the term “take my breath away” could not be taken more literally. A gasp escaped my mouth as I stood in the entryway, wind blowing around me, the distant hum of a choir in the distance. I am altogether convinced that the colors and shapes that were produced within this church were not the work of man alone. Only through some divine guidance could this masterpiece be made (and still be making).


After thoroughly gawking for almost two hours, Anthony and I had lunch outside and then decided to take the subway to Plaça Catalunya, the main plaza and the heart of Barcelona. From there we managed to hit up all the great tourist attractions, from Las ramblas, Catedral de Barcelona, Gothic Quarter, to Arc de Triomf. It was a very successful day to say the least!


We ended the night with some dinner made at our house and some nice chats with our hosts. Barcelona has been such a fun city so far, I can’t wait to spend the rest of the week here.

Now I’m off to bed, even though for the Spanish, the night is just beginning!



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