Am(air)ica, the beautiful

Well here we are, back in the good ole USA, and about a week a half since I said goodbye to the Emerald Isle.

LOL bet you thought you were done with me!! #sorrynotsorry you can’t get rid of me quite yet. Per my internship and per my boredom I have to write one follow up blog about my transition back to the uSa. However, on my departure from Cork it seemed that everyone I ran into said to “Keep blogging!”…so there may be more to come! *stay tuned*

Anyways, yes I finally made it back to the states! I said my goodbyes and cried until my eyes ran dry, along with packing everything that I own into a checked bag and two carryon items. Much to my surprise, my checked baggage was NOT over the limit (22.5 kg out of 23kg). And no one questioned my bulging-at-the-seams backpack or my much-too-heavy carryon suitcase (THANK GOD). Because I am very sure I broke my size and weight limits with those bags. But all is well, I made it back in one piece. The flights were easy and even after standing for hours in line at security in Chicago (have you been watching the news?), I ended up in Omaha just in time to be greeted by some lovely Nebraskan tornados.

Seeing my parents and sister and dog after 4 months was seriously the best feeling in the world. I was riding high all the way home, glueing my eyes to window trying to remember if Nebraska really always was THIS beautiful. Guess it takes some time away to fully appreciate what we have here.

The next coming week was a lot of not being able to stay up past 9pm and waking up ready to go at 7am every morning. This is what I called ‘jet-lag’, but apparently the rest of the world calls, ‘normal’?

My family I know was getting pretty annoyed after a few days of me raving about Ireland and Europe and the like, but I think I am offered a small grace period of talking about how great my trip was. However, need not fear everyone, my dear friend Marielle has set up a dollar-in-the-jar system for when ever I complain about not being in Ireland. 😉

A cool thing that happened was that my wee-lil’ sis graduated high school! I was in charge of picture duty. IMG_2453IMG_2462IMG_2487

What a cutie pie. Of course with this graduation came a grad party as well. Much to Elise’s dismay our guests were equally interested in my travels and return as they were with her graduation. I got plenty of, “I didn’t even recognize you!”, “Did you study at ALL?”, “You look SO IRISH”…do you even know what that means?

However, I would much rather take those questions than the other ones they were shooting at me, “Senior year huh? What are you going to do after graduation?” “What are you doing for the summer?”. Both of those were answered with a shrug of the shoulders and a nervous laugh. I’d MUCH rather talk for hours about Ireland. Did I mention I just got back from there?…

Okay in summary…the transition back home has been great so far. They say you get reverse culture shock, however that didn’t happen to me. I’m still on a high from being home. I just cannot express HOW NICE it is to see my family and friends and drive my car and enjoy my favorite foods. Oh, and the weather sure helps. I’m talking SUN SUN SUN!! I haven’t seen that lil guy in 4 months and it surely is helping my attitude.

I really am just so happy! I have a newfound appreciation for the states and especially Nebraska and Seward and my friends here. Even though I currently don’t have a job for the summer because of my tricky summer plans (who wants to hire someone for 2 months with a week long vacation??) I am trying to just soak up my time spent here the best I can. I am itching to go back to Ames though, and can’t wait to be back to Iowa State come August.

While I am enjoying my time back in the U.S., my travel fever has not subsided, and I can’t wait until I get my next chance to go abroad. Or even more places around the U.S.! There is so much to see. Some more comments that I got upon arrival were things along the line of “It’s so great you took this opportunity to travel now, because you won’t have the same opportunity again.” However, I don’t like this comment at all. I certainly hope I get this opportunity again. In fact, I’m PLANNING on it.

As for Ireland, I have missed my friends a lot, but luckily I can still keep in contact with them. I miss scones. I miss Friday nights at the Old Oak. But for now, I really am just enjoying my time home.

In Irish Air was a fun blog to write and I had a blast taking photos for it. But it’s time to put her to rest, or at least just leave her be 🙂 I’m not sure if my life will be interesting enough to continue blogging throughout the summer…but maybe I should try another one and see how it goes, something that applies more to my current situation.

In American Air?


Till next time.



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